Multi Time Zone Big Mac - Bucherer Ravi series TravelTec II three time watch

Bucherer is one of Switzerland's oldest luxury watchmakers and, until today, the brand is still entirely owned by its founding family, which has long been a stunning achievement, In the watch industry, the proportion of the original independent watchmakers are constantly shrinking year by year, so with the passage of each year, this achievement will become even more impressive. The TravelTec II is the product of the birth of the third generation of family heritage, it has a very modern appearance, 47mm-size case with multiple time zones and a variety of exquisite details Portrayed, coupled with the delicate disk display, absolutely minutes will attract a large ticket children "trapeze" who's favor. Of course, it is not cheap, but we also find it difficult to find the same price on the same set of quality, functionality and style in one excellent timepiece. Multi Time Zone Big Mac - Bucherer Ravi series TravelTec II three time uk replica watches Bellevue is one of the most vibrant sports watch brands in the world. The series are based on the classic sports watch style, on the further bold and innovative creation. This TravelTec II watch has a number of unique and interesting aspects of the design and function of the details of the show, such as through the built-in bezel angle highlights the depth of the dial, and can be read once the triple time zone of the powerful layout design, I believe that even the most discerning watches fans, will also reveal a little bit of praise. Multi Time Zone Big Mac - Bucherer Ravi series TravelTec II three time watch As a family-owned operation and management of the brand, Bucherer in the watch has been a firm commitment to innovation, both from the process or the movement is concerned in terms of design, this is not what the practice on paper, because the brand has To create a number of very swatches self-produced movement, but unfortunately, this TravelTec II watch is not equipped with any one of them. The brand used in this watch is Cal.CFB 1901.1 type self-winding movement, which is a movement to ETA 2894 GMT-based, after a large number of modified polished works, which is equipped with a time, and a key Rotating 24 hours within the bezel and other functions, can provide 42 hours of power reserve. Multi Time Zone Big Mac - Bucherer Ravi series TravelTec II three time watch As mentioned at the beginning, this TravelTec II replica watches uk is not a small lift, stainless steel material to create its case size is 47mm, together with the thickness of 16mm, is absolutely regarded as a giant presence . Although its solid shape is giving a sense of security, but for the wrist is not very thick around the watches fans, this watches is really a headache to wear, after all, who do not want to put a very good appearance Watch wearing a large iron piece of the general feeling of children. Multi Time Zone Big Mac - Bucherer Ravi series TravelTec II three time watch And the first generation of TravelTec watch smooth bezel is different is that this form of the outer ring with a fixed design, and 24-hour scale to sculpture on its way out on the show, this design not only fundamentally Eliminating the complexity of the dial is complex, more effective to enhance the overall effect of the watch to read, the wearer only through the disk on the red 24-hour GMT pointer can easily learn the time zone of the third time. Timezone Big Mac - TravelDec II TravelTec II Three Time swiss replica watches Time Zone Big Mac - Travel Time Zone TravelTec II Three Time Watches Another noteworthy change is the back of the watches design. TravelTec watch the old section of the watches is depicted in the back of a TravelTec watch ring around the earth pattern, time zone display in the periphery, very texture. While the new watch will be greatly reduced, only in the central region to retain the crown of the velvet pattern, surrounded by the global time zone display are covered. From the figure we can see, in addition to LUCERNE (Lucerne), these marked the time zone are using the main city name, and the other places with the color of the use of the opposite. This is because Luzern is the root of Bucherer, so the brand chose to use the name of the city instead of the usual Geneva (Geneva). Time Zone Big Macs - Bucherer Ravi Series TravelTec II Time Watches Big Time Zone Big Macs - Bucherer Ravi Series TravelTec II Three Time Watches Time Zone Big Mac - Treasure Ziele-Plage series TravelTec II three time watch From the sub-dial of the cochlear pattern to the mirror-polished hollowed-out pointer, to the sporty silver-black mashup and three-eyed layout, the TravelTec II will not be worn with full detail, In the daily wear process which produce a trace of boredom. But even so, its size still makes a lot of it interested in the watches fans have a sense of prohibitive, greatly reducing its audience surface. As mentioned at the beginning, the price of this watch is not cheap, made of stainless steel material, equipped with a black rubber / calfskin strap the new Bucherer Ravi series of TravelTec II watch price For 12,900 US dollars, converted into RMB is more than 80,000 or so.